EU Aid Volunteers

The European Commission’s legislative proposal for the creation of « EU Aid Volunteers » (formerly known as the European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps) has just been published: This proposal will now be debated between the European Parliament and the Council.


“The Commission proposes to develop European standards for managing volunteers in humanitarian projects and a European training programme.”

“A network of EU Aid Volunteers will be created, so they can interact with and support each other before, during and after deployment.”

“Some 10,000 people will be deployed over the period 2014-2020. The scheme will also include training for 7,000 local staff and volunteers of organisations in countries hit by disasters and an online volunteering dimension: Another 10,000 people are expected to support the EU AID Volunteers as ‘online volunteers’ with tasks that can be done from home on a computer, for example helping out with translations, graphic designs or providing advice and support.”

“The proposal includes a budget of €239.1 million that will be used for an extensive training package (€58 million), deployment (€137 million), capacity building in communities hit by disasters (€35 million) and supporting activities.”


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