Discovering Bujumbura

From this week on while walking in Bujumbura it’s easy to come across the fully operational EUROSHA team. Ok maybe not that easy after all considering that big part of our time has to do with our new life companion JOSM, but this is also gonna make part of the concept of fully operational I guess.

But let us say something more about the encounter between EUROSHA and Bujumbura. In the first days of our arrival we had the possibility to explore the city trough the outstanding guide tour organized by our Burundian team members. This first approach to the city made us realize the challenging work that mapping and data collection can represent in this reality. Bujumbura is a city full of contradictions (wouldn’t be exaggerated if we say that it was in Bujumbura where the best pain au chocolat ever tasted crossed our way, while mapping of course) but is also a city offering plenty of possibilities related to our project which we slowly started discovering.

Soon after arriving we have gone through some administrative procedures. We went to the French Embassy and we got to know better the team of France Volontaire Burundi. We settled down in our new house, called “le Château”, and what it’s sure it’s that it has the dimensions of one.

We are looking forward to the arrival of our supervisor to go deeper in the project!



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