The life in Bangui

Bangui – the capital of the Central African Republic – will be our home for the next six months. This city lies on the northern bank of the Ubangi River and has more than 620,000 inhabitants. Bangui is not the world hearth of culture or architecture but we find the life here exciting and interesting more and more every day. There are three main points in Bangui – PK0, PK5 and PK12. PK stands for Point Kilometer and serves as an important mean of orientation within the town. PK0 signifies the “beginning” of the city and it is allocated in the center at the bank of Ubangi. When proceeding deeper to the city, you reach PK5 and the commercial center of Bangui. Local market is so big that without a guidance of our local colleagues we would get lost within few minutes. Here you can find and buy anything you need. Narrow streets between stalls are occupied by crowds of people both selling and shopping everything from fruits, vegetables and meat to shoes, dishes and clothes. An exotic mixture of smells, tastes and colors distract our attention from clouds of flies and ubiquitous mud. The area between PK0 and PK5 will be our first location to be mapped. During this week we continued with preparing for the field mapping by studying manuals on the OpenStreet Map and Sahana, the two main tools we will be using during our deployment. We also presented the EUROSHA project on a weekly meeting of OCHA and managed to establish communication with several humanitarian actors important for our future work. We are slowly getting used to the life in Bangui and the local people are slowly getting used to our presence here. The life in Bangui cannot be compared to our previous lives in Europe but despite that we are starting to feel like home here

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