Getting into the role of an EUROSHA volunteer

Last week the Burundi Eurosha team made its first official presentation of the project in front of RESO (“Rassemblement, Echanges et Solutions entre Organisations Non Gouvernementales”). RESO is  a neutral and non-political exchange forum for International NGOs working in the area of humanitarian aid and developement in Burundi.

After working few days on the PowerPoint presentation, repeating the speech endless times  with a bit of anxiety “pre-exam” and doubts about the level of formality of the meeting, we were almost ready. I say ALMOST because something crucial was still missing: our visit cards!! We spend an entire morning around Bujumbura looking for a place to print our EUROSHA visit cards (designed by one of us). Although it seemed a mission impossible, we finally managed to have them on time for the meeting.

The presentation was a success and the representative of the various NGOs showed to be more interested than we expected. They raised, indeed, thought-provoking technical and practical questions about the use of OpenStreetMap and Sahana. We did our best, clarifying doubts and explaining the advantages of using those tools in humanitarian and development field. We are quite satisfied of the presentation’ outcomes and we have been already contacted by one of the NGO present in the meeting interested in the project.

In the meantime, as you can see from the picture below, we continue to get to know the Burundian culture. This time we focused on the Burundian music and dance by playing drums with typical African instruments (such as the jambè) and practicing traditional dance.


Last but not least, on Wednesday 24 October another member of the Burundi team joined us from France and we welcomed her preparing a Guacamole dinner with other France Volontaires’ members in our “château”.

We are looking forward to discover and  be somehow more useful through our work to such a wonderful but also tormented country.

Coucou de Bujumbura


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