Well,this is our fourth week in Bujumbura(for some of us),almost one month that we are on the field. After all the administrative steps and spending time in resolving technical and logistical aspects,we have finally done our first steps as “mappers”.

For this big event,we have choosen a  quarter in the North of Bujumbura called “Buterere”,where we  have been taken GPS tracks 2  weeks ago.We have been preparing ourself for the whole day remembering all the security and methodological recommandations in order to guarantee an efficient and succesful work.

So,we arrived in Buterere with all our stuff: GPS,Walking paper,Surveys,Data Loggers,etc.For one hour,we have been mapping with enthousiasm and dynamism around Buterere,asking the names of the roads to the local community,etc…Our experience as mappers didn’t last long because we noticed that Buterere still a sensitive area since the last elections and according to that we realized that we need  a  local support for mapping in Buterere. Therefore,we decided to arrange the situation before continuing mapping.

After one month in Bujumbura,it  was time for us to meet others volunteers from the Great Lakes Region(Burundi,Rwanda)and there was the best opportunity for that: The France Volontaires’s Annual Meeting in NYANZA LAC(south of Burundi).

The annual meeting was full of activities and debates among volunteers on different topics relating to their work : the spirit of volunteerism,the challenges we face in our daily work. We were lucky to have with us Carole Eckert, the Charge of Security  at France Volontaires; who came from France and join us. She answered questions we had about security in general and especially on the security context in Burundi.

For the Burundi Eurosha Team, it was also an opportunity for presenting our project to the others volunteers from the Great Lakes Region.  We felt  an interest in our project and also in open source tools. They considered that  it can be a useful support tool for  the organizations they are working in.

Their enthousiasm for the Eurosha Project gave us added energy for our mission and we are committed to  do our best.

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