Network for Ecofarming in Africa

This week  was marked by editing data which we collected in Marigat and also making review of list of stakeholders and partners in the EUROSHA project in Kenya. So it means that  we spent most of the time  in our office. However, we also had the opportunity to visit some projects run by our local organisation called NECOFA.

NECOFA (Network for Ecofarming in Africa) is a community-based NGO which cooperetes very closely with our hosting organisation PIPA (People in Peril Association). NECOFA therefore provides for us, together with PIPA, logistical suppor  and helps our work in the field. NECOFA is mainly involved in projects dealing with ecofarming and education.

One afternoon this week, Jane, one of NECOFA staff, took us to visit two farms which are the candidates to start the cooperation with them. Collaboration these farms with NECOFA organisation consist of supporting farmer´s work and providing them some necessary assistance which they need to do their work, like providing water etc. On these farms we could see major crops which are there growing, like maize, potatoes, legumes, avocado trees, bananas, tomato trees etc. This visitation was very interesting and gave us the opportunity to see crops which we had never seen before. Of course, these farms are not dependent on growing crops only, farmers also breed some farm animals like cows, hens, geese etc. It is important to mention that these farms produce 100% organic products which had never seen any fertilizers. At the end of our visit, we also had the opportunity to taste some of the products we saw grow on the fields. I have to say that the taste was totaly different from what we know and excellent.

Of course  the work on the farms is not easy and brings a lot of difficulties. One of them is also the problem with farmers‘ adult children who do not want to continue in the work on the farm and instead move to towns. It affects, of course, the suistainability of the farms. In fact, it is not only a problem in this country. I hope so that the future cooperation between NECOFA and the farms will strengten the work of the farmers and will bear tasty fruit.



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