Having completed field survey of the places that we had remotely mapped in Njoro district(Mauche and Likia), there is still a lot of mapping needs for this particular district. Mau Narok for instance, which we had planned to map, is in the southern part of the district and is prone to violence due to two neighboring communities(Masai and Kikuyu). This place has not been mapped owing to the big size of the district and the short period of time we had allocated for it. This therefore calls for allocation of at least a week for field survey of the entire locations of the whole district that are prone to violence.


There is need to make a pre visit of a place we intend to map so as to have knowledge about the entire place we are intending to map. This will facilitate ease of entry into the place, interaction with the locals and preparation of landmarks and points of reference in the walking papers.


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