It set off on Monday of 14th January in Marigat,The conference hall was looking awesome awaiting for a three day event organized by WV in conjunction with the EUROSHA Kenya. It started off by a nice introduction of members followed by presentation of the project then SAHANA training after which we had training on remote mapping and preparation of the questionnaires,This was the first and best training without an expert from either HOT or SAHANA. In our groups formed on the first day we set off for field survey on Tuesday to put the taught skills in to practicals,thanks to the scorching sun that made us sweat off all day trying to make our work efficient and visible,we managed to work on our scheduled areas without difficulties including WV’s own projects in the outskirts of Marigat town,we were so happy as the fruits of our hands were nicely cooking as everything was going on as planned,we edited data collected and collected and just awaiting for the final result,Just want to thank the members from government departments for their participation and World Vision for making all possible and my last gratitude goes to EUROSHA Kenyan team for job well done \and kudos guys keep the flame burning always. Expect more from us even though the project laptops are letting us down.

By carol


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