Last magic moments in Kenya!

It has been already 4 months ago since we arrived to Kenya. Full of expectations, motivation but also abstract idea what we will exactly do here. Beginnings were difficult like every beginnings. We had to strengten our flexibility, adaptation and other skills which we have not needed so much before. We faced many challenges which really reinforced us but at the end, I am sure, we will be happy for that.

Yes, at the beginning there was also very unclear idea what will be our work plan and what we are actually suppose to do in Kenya for half an year. We slowly started with meetings and creating some contact network among the stakeholders and local representatives.

Better understanding came when our HOT support came. We started to organize first mapping party and very quickly we had the results and some first feedback. Very soon there came other mapping parties and our network was spred. We started to be productive, organized and also happy from well done job.

Now our activities are on the top and we are able to organize mapping parties with different participants every week. What firstable took one or two months we can manage to organize in a few days now. Amazing!

But now it is the time to close one chapter and continue on EUROSHA project remotely from Burundi. It is a bit pity that we are leaving earlier than expected but it is also time to think about our security and avoid some complications which could occur during the election time in March.

We are also starting to think about our achievements in the field. What was well done, what could be done, which goals we attained and if we can be proud of our work here. From my point of view we did all the best to spread open source tools and train people which will hopefully continue in our activities. We also spred the knowledge about new technologies in humanitarian sector and created good network. But answeres for most of my questions will probably come during the time. Just the time will show if people which we have trained will find the way how to continue in mapping and information sharing and show the evidence that our work was not useless here.

Apart of our work we had also opportunity to discover new country, her nature, people, habits and patterns. Sometimes it was a bit difficult to understand everything but after 4 months we can proudly say that we understand more than at the beginning. And at some point I think we will miss this sometimes crazy sometimes lovely country.

At the end I would like to thank all the people which helped us to achieve our goals and plans. I do not want to say goodbye because this is not the end. It is just the new beginning for us in different time and different place. But our mind is staying in Kenya!




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