Mapping party and politics


I must say it was a nice,well organized and coordinated party,full of enthusiastic volunteers and a strategically planned identification dress code(Croix rouge coat and Eurosha Burundi badges). This are the spices that we as Eurosha Kenya mission were lacking in the field but despite all these we made it. It was really a challenging party. The sun was scorching to the core but at the of the day we successfully managed to collect the data. What came to my mind after this party is that Burundi citizens are humbled to have this kind of platforms(OSM and SAHANA) in their system of governance and administration,not mentioning the vibrant (international and national non governmental organizations) with the same objectives of the EUROSHA project. I salute the cooperation that exist between the above mentioned stakeholders and the project.


For the first time since I was born and came to learn about politics, I have never seen Kenyans preaching peace. Despite the hacked independent electoral and boundaries commission(IEBC)systems that made counting process to divert its digital direction to analogue one, Kenyans still maintain peace,love and unity. I echo all the aspirants who conceded defeat and congratulated their opponents for the job well done. I also congratulate those who vowed to challenge the outcome in courts but called upon Kenyans to remain calm. Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta,the son of the first Kenya’s president Mzee Jomo Kenyatta is now the fourth elected president of Kenya as far as IEBC is concern but Mr Raila Amolo Odinga who came second said he will move to court to challenge the results but insisted Kenyans to remain calm whatsoever. As I write this summary I am celebrating not only because Uhuru Kenyatta won the presidential race but because of the maturity and integrity that Kenyans showed during this tempting period and ashamed whoever who thought that Kenyans can not hold a peacefulImage elections. I am proud being a Kenyan. God bless Kenya.


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