EUROSHA and SYPWAI collaboration

EUROSHA was the pilot child of the EU Aid Volunteers program, which is an initiative of the European Commission. We invited young people from European countries to join humanitarian missions in various projects around the world. The main task of EUROSHA was to develop a framework for humanitarian volunteering. The support of SYPWAI has played an important role in the creation and development of this unique project.

The financial support of SYPWAI helped us organize a new mission to the Congo in cooperation with NECOFA (Network for Eco-farming in Africa) which welcomed our volunteers into its office. It was a very important expedition that aimed to collaborate with several schools. We wanted to give the children of Congo new educational opportunities, support them in their development and give local teachers new tools for the sustainable development of their community.

The education situation in Congo remains quite critical. According to statistics, only one child in four who starts Grade 1 goes on to secondary school. And when it comes to girls, the situation is even worse.

Together with volunteers who care, we are already changing this situation by helping schools and individual students. And SYPWAI 's finances support us in this difficult endeavor.











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